5 Best paid marketing trends for 2019

5 Best paid marketing trends for 2019

With each passing day, paid marketing in the digital platform is changing where better and bigger changes are coming our way.

While Facebook advertisements, YouTube advertisements or even Google Adwords being in trend at the moment by keeping aside the old school advertisement techniques, things are to change in the years to come.

While change is something that is good when accepted positively, 2019 holds a lot of change when it comes to the paid marketing trends. While everyone adjusts themselves to change in trends, they too would adjust to all that happens in the days to come in the world of paid marketing.

There would be more mobile usage

Even though a lot of people are making use of their mobile phones in the present times to browse the Internet, in the coming year, things would multiply. In 2019, more and more people are expected to use the smartphone to surf the Internet and not make use of laptops and desktops. With more than 50% of companies planning to market, their products and services have planned their strategies in a way that targets prospective customers through their mobile. Since the mobile is a handy and personal device, ad conversion through mobile is likely to be more than desktop usage.

There would be a better use of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

While AI is trending and more and more companies are adopting it to automate their business functions especially marketing, the year 2019 would see a better use of it. With search engines such as Google adopting the benefits of AI and taking care of search algorithms, smart display campaigns, ad ranks, chat
boxes, bidding strategies, etc. there is likely to be a promotion in the years to come. More and more people would take advantage of the ever-growing artificial intelligence and make advertising easy.

Use of the voice search option
While Siri, Alexa, Google and much more are there to help make lives easy for people through voice searches, the year 2019 would hold something great for the businesses with an intention to reach more and more people. While people talk short sentences for a voice search, crafting your advertisements accordingly can bring you to the forefront. With Voice searches making a place for itself in multiple
search engines, you are likely to bring about focus to your brand in the days to come.

The rise of video advertisements

If you have noticed sudden videos containing advertisements popping up on a screen, you know of what we are talking. In the years to come, video advertisements in the form of paid promotions are going to be there all around. While people the browsing the Internet, the video plays alongside without
disturbing the view.

There would be more local searches

Even today people lookout for information on the Internet with local preferences. It is either tracked
through the GPS or people enter it manually. While predictions say that there would be more local
searches in the days to come and that is how you can structure your advertisements on the digital
platform just so that you appear in the list whenever a search similar to that of yours appear.