Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Nowadays earning money is not at all problematic if one is adamant on it. Along with offline jobs, the online platform comes with a lot of opportunities for one to earn money and be financially stable. One such source of online work is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a referral program through which you can earn money. All you need to do is to refer links, and people need to buy stuff through those referral links. Then the online retailer will pay you commission against those purchases.

Let us understand how this concept works.

At first, you need to identify a specific product or a service that you want to promote through your blogs on your website. Once you finalize on the product or the service, you need to join the mother company of that particular product or service. By then you will be called “Affiliate” or “Associate” to the mother company or “Merchant”. After this partnership, the merchant will be assigned an unique affiliate code to you. You need to mention that code to all the affiliate links you are going to promote to your website.

Once you receive your affiliate id, you are ready to go. There are various ways through which you can promote one specific product or service. You can share a detailed review of that product, can mention a few remarkable recommendations in your articles. You can also send email newsletters or can use the display banner ad concept to promote your product. Once a purchaser is purchasing that
particular product through your affiliate link, you are eligible to earn your commission.

You will be paid within 45-60 days of the product purchased. Every single step will be minutely tracked by the merchant so that no one gets at fault.
Now being a beginner, it is very confusing as in which product to choose, whether you need to build your website first or not, etc. To make your life easy, today we will talk about a few steps which may help you to become a successful affiliate.

1. Choose your product first: Before anything, first, decide the product/service you want to promote. To decide on the product, a couple of things to be considered like whether the product or the subject is something which you are passionate about or maybe you will be confident to write blogs on that particular product. You are also to know whether the product is good enough to encash money. Your thorough research on this would be the priority.

2. Research Affiliate Program: Once you are done with the product, it is the time to do thorough and in-depth research on the affiliate programs based on that product. Though it might become a time taking affair, still this is required to ensure you are getting paid on time.

3. Build your website: Post finalizing on the affiliate program, start concentrating on building your website. While doing the same, you need to follow a detailed process.

4. Create the audience pool: Now it’s the time to get the purchaser for your product. To get the same, create an audience pool using social media and building email lists. You may also take the help of paid advertising agency for this.

5. Promote affiliate offers: Once your target customer base is ready, time is to promote the offers through various ways like banner ads or reviews.