Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram Influencer Marketing Being an influencer on Instagram is something that is in trend in the present times. You engage yourself in a particular activity/activities which creates an impact on the public automatically makes you an influencer. People start following you and your actions while making you famous.

The more followers you have, the better influencer you turn out to be. While they get fame almost instantly, several brands have started to take advantage of it. They have started to make the influencers a source to advertise their products or services just so that there is more attention received.

While this is something that is considered cheaper and effective when compared to other forms of branding and advertising techniques, it is something that brands big and small have started to make use of.

While they say that influencers make branding cost-effective and easy, here are the reasons to back the statement.

There are lesser production costs involved

While influencers are celebrities in themselves, there is no need for brands to hire brand ambassadors or models to conduct photo shoots or even make ad films with them. The influencers are famous with a huge fan following, and so when they put up a photograph endorsing your product or services, the fan base is reached instantly. Since they already have a ready base of prospective customers, especially when you get the help of the right influencer depending on the age, you get the target audience for your brand. With all of these happening, you simply have to pay the influencer to market your brand on their Instagram profile, and there is nothing more to pay or take care of.

There are lesser CPMs (Cost Per Miles) involved

While online advertising is a trend that has been around since a very long time, it was usually Adwords, Facebook advertisements and YouTube advertisements that brands opted for. With the presence of Instagram influencers being good ambassadors for marketing, things have changed in the present times. A recent survey conducted proved the fact that the amount of money that you spend on Facebook and YouTube advertisements in more than what an influencer would charge you to put up your brand name on their profile. With the former not having a guaranteed target audience, the latter comes with a guarantee.

People are bound to see your brand name

When it comes to putting up YouTube advertisements, viewers have the option to skip the ad and not see it. Multiple extensions can enable users to block advertisements while they are using the Internet. With an influencer helping you with brand promotion, your name is bound to flash with no possible option to avoid it. Their fan base would see your brand name the moment they put up a post on Instagram, and that is when you hit the jackpot. While allowing an Instagram influencer to help you put out your brand name whether old or new, this gets to be one of the easiest ways to promote. There are no risks involved or probably fewer chances of not hitting the right audience, unlike other platforms.